Updated Stock List with some Specials

I just updated my in stock list and included a number of specials.  I have fish coming in next week and could really use the tank space and YOUR help clearing out some of the current stock.

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In Stock Fish List Updated

I’ve updated the in stock list.

Temps are looking promising to ship again on Monday March 31st.

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Brazil is a Go!

Please see the full list in the post below.  But here is what I’m looking at bringing in as of right now:

Apisto. elizabethae $45 each
Apisto. mendezi $35 each
Ivanacara adoketa $100 each 4/$350
Dicrossus maculatus $20 each
Oligancistrus sp. L20 (6-7 cm) $30 each
Panaque sp. L002 (10-11cm) $35 each
Nannostomus digrammus $4 each

My order goes in early Thursday morning so if you want something let me know tonight!

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All-Glass Brand Glass Tops

All-Glass brand (Aqueon)

Versa Tops

(hinged glass tops with handle and back strip)


16” (fits 5 ½ gallon tanks)                                                           $11 each


20” (fits 10 gallon tanks)                                            $13 each


24” (fits 15, 20h, and 55 gallon tanks-2 needed for a 55)      $16 each


30” (fits 20l, 29, and 37 gallon tanks)                            $20 each


36” (fits 30, 38, and 45 gallon tanks)                             $27 each


36”x18” (fits 30 and 40 breeder tanks)                                    $37 each


36”x18” (2 piece top fits 50 and 65 gallon tanks)                  $37 each (special order)


48”x18” (fits 75, 90, and 110 gallon tanks w/center brace)  $38 each


48”x24” (fits 120 gallon tank)                                    $55 each


72”x18” (fits 100, 125, and 150 gal. tanks w/center braces) $55 each


72”x24” (fits 180 and 210 gal. tanks w/center braces)           $65 each (special order)

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Internet Explorer Users

This web site does not show up correctly for most Internet Explorer users.  If possible use googlechrome or firefox to view this site.  You SHOULD see a dark background with light text.  It might be possible to update your flashplayer on Internet Explorer and then view this site easily but in some cases that may not work.

The other option is to highlight the text (in the same way you would to highlight and copy the text) which will make it darker and you should be able to at least see the text.

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Don’t forget to check out aquaticclarity on facebook and click the like button.  I post more pictures of current stock there right now as it’s so easy to do!






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Happy New Year Everyone!

So what’s in store this year with aquaticclarity?  Hopefully a move as the house projects are quickly becoming completed.  That will mean some down time at some point but it will also mean a new fishroom with a lot more space and some auto-water change aspects.

New Suppliers!  Already exploring a new source for Peru with over 10 species of Apistos coming in in early January.  I’m not really happy with my Brazil source and my Colombia source just doesn’t offer much so I’m looking for alternatives from those countries as well.  But that will take some time of course.

I’m changing a few things around in the current fish room so that I can start to offer a large selection of live plants most of the time instead only ordering them in a few times a year.  Selection is high right now and I should be able to keep at least 1/2 of the species I have in stock and ready for sale.  No promises though as many of the plants I have are not fast growers so that will effect how often I can divide/trim them for sale.

This won’t be all of the changes of course but these things are already being implemented so you won’t have long to wait!  I look forward to working with you this year and doing my best to provide you with great customer service and a large selection of the highest quaility of fish, plants, and drygoods.

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Let the Rebuilding Begin!

After more then a handful of problems with the old site I’ve pulled it down and started to rebuild from scratch.  Please bear with me as I learn how to add features (like pictures!) and other useful things.

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