Wild Caught fish from Guinea, West Africa now in stock!

Super Sale on the Pelvicachromis (prices are about 2/3rds of normal!!!)
Pelvicachromis humilus Kislissi floures green spot $50/trio
P. rubrolabiatus $30/pr
P. signatus $45/trio
P. roloffi Kolente $45/rev. trio

Tylochromis cf. intermedius 6/$150
Anomalochromis thomasi 6/$50
Hemichromis sp. Guinea I $15 each
Hemichromis guttatus $15 each
Kribia sp. nana “huttoni” ¾” average $12 each 3/$30
Synodonis waterloti $18 each
Ladegesia roloffi 6/$15 12/$25 24/$40
Scriptaphyosemion geryi $16/pr 5/$35
Pseudoepiplatys annulatus 6/$20 12/$35 24/$60 50/$115
Aplocheilichthys normanii 6/$15 12/$25

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Updated In-Stock List!!!

I’m sure it needs a touch of refining for a fish fish I forgot to list (or remove) but this should be 98% accurate.


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All-Glass Brand Glass Tops

All-Glass brand (Aqueon)

Versa Tops

(hinged glass tops with handle and back strip)


16” (fits 5 ½ gallon tanks)                                                           $11 each


20” (fits 10 gallon tanks)                                            $13 each


24” (fits 15, 20h, and 55 gallon tanks-2 needed for a 55)      $16 each


30” (fits 20l, 29, and 37 gallon tanks)                            $20 each


36” (fits 30, 38, and 45 gallon tanks)                             $27 each


36”x18” (fits 30 and 40 breeder tanks)                                    $37 each


36”x18” (2 piece top fits 50 and 65 gallon tanks)                  $37 each (special order)


48”x18” (fits 75, 90, and 110 gallon tanks w/center brace)  $38 each


48”x24” (fits 120 gallon tank)                                    $55 each


72”x18” (fits 100, 125, and 150 gal. tanks w/center braces) $55 each


72”x24” (fits 180 and 210 gal. tanks w/center braces)           $65 each (special order)

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Internet Explorer Users

This web site does not show up correctly for most Internet Explorer users.  If possible use googlechrome or firefox to view this site.  You SHOULD see a dark background with light text.  It might be possible to update your flashplayer on Internet Explorer and then view this site easily but in some cases that may not work.

The other option is to highlight the text (in the same way you would to highlight and copy the text) which will make it darker and you should be able to at least see the text.

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Don’t forget to check out aquaticclarity on facebook and click the like button.  I post more pictures of current stock there right now as it’s so easy to do!






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