I started putting up pictures of some of the new fish on my face book page

I’ll work on getting them on here to but it will be a few days before that will fully happen.

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Apistogramma from the Rio Jutai in North West Brazil!

This is a rarely collected area both because much of the region forms the largest sustainable development reserve in the world and because of the distance from the normal export cities.

I have both agassizii and bitaeniata from the region in stock. The agassizii are starting to show some color and pattern while the bitaeniata are still pretty small and young.

Here are a few pictures of the two species taken about 12 hours after unpacking them and getting them into my tanks. Just give them a little time to settle in and grow up and you should have some spectacular Apistogramma on your hands!

$25 each or 6 or more at $20 each



agassizii-jutia-1 bitaeniata-jutia-2 bitaeniata-jutia-4

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Updated In Stock List

I just updated the In Stock list including the fish from the latest shipment.

In Stock Fish List

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Fish of the Week

Astatatilapia nubila male

Astatotilapia nubila male

Astatotilapia nubila

Found in East Africa in Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Nabugabo and rivers of the Victorian Basin this “Haplochromin” maternal mouthbrooder (females hold eggs and then fry in their mouths for about 3-4 weeks before releasing their free swimming young) is seldom found in the wild anymore do to habitat pressures. Once prevalent in the hobby (circa 1990’s) good quality A, nubila have been hard to come by for a long time.

Males get a deep jet black body with a bright red tail and hints of red in their anal fin. Females are a typical “Haplichromis” charcoal color.

Best kept in groups to help spread out any aggression a 20 gallon aquarium or larger tank is suggested. Hard water (150ppm+) and a higher pH (7.5+) is ideal but the fish are not picky as long as the water is not soft and acidic.

Special Pricing for fish ordered the week of August 28 through September 2nd:

Astatotilapia nubila 1 1/2″-3″


Pictured is a male from the stock available not in full color yet.

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Breeding Bells and Cones

Discus breeding cones and pleco breeding bells (spawning caves) now in stock.

Breeding Cones $18 each 3 or more $15 each

Unglazed Pleco Bells $7 each 3 or more $6 each
Glazed Pleco Bells $9 each 3 or more $8 each

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