Limited Supply and/or Rare Apistogramma

Limited Supply (1-2pr or 4 fish)

Everything listed below is Wild Caught

Apistogramma allpahuayo Rio Tigri (aka sp. Black Chin) 4/$60
Apistogramma bitaeniata Rio Napo (HUGE) $40/pr
Apistogramma bitaeniata Rio Tigri (large) $35/pr
Apistogramma cf. viejita $50/pr
Apistogramma Huascar Rio Galves $50/pr
Apistogramma sp. Tame $75/pr
Apistogramma cf. hongsloi “Cusiana” $65/pr
Apistohgramma sp. Oregon $50/pr

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Tank Raised Dwarf Cichlids (and a few wild caught) Just In

New arrivals
Tank Raised
agassizii blue tail 6 fish/$75 $30pr
agassizii fire red 6 fish/$100 $40/pr
agassizii Husar red tail 6 fish/$85 $35/pr
agassizii super red 6 fish/$85 $35/pr
borellii opal red mask (VERY NICE) $40/pr
cacatuoides gold/red 6/$100 $40/pr
cacatuoides Orange flash 6/$75 $30/pr
cacatuoides triple red 6/$50 $20/pr
erythrura 6/$150 $60/pr
hongsloi II 6/$85 $35/pr
macmasteri Gaitan 6/$125 $50/pr
macmasteri red tail 6/$85 $35/pr
macmasteri Villavicencio 6/$125 $50/pr
sp. Xingu red lobe 6/$200 $75/pr
trifasciata 6/$85 $35/pr
tucurui 6/$140
viejita gold (macmasteri) 6/$100 $40/pr
viejita II 6/$100 $40/pr

Nannacara anomola 6/$60 $25/pr
Dutch blue ram 6/$35 $15/pr
Latacara dorsigera Brazil 7/$100

West African
Nanochromis transvestitus 6/$125 $50/pr
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red 6/$100 $40/pr

Wild Caught
Apistogramma bitaeniata Rio Tigri 5/$75 $30/pr
Apistogramma hippolytae 6/$125
Crenicichla sp. Orinoco $75/pr
Nanochromis parilus $60/trio (1 male and 2 females)

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Tank Sale!

Tank Sale Thursday (6-25-15)!
New, Used, Like New.
Tanks, stands, tops. lights, filters, and heaters.

Stop by to see what sort of a deal you can pick up!

Richfield, WI 53033

Message me for the address if you need it.

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West African and South American New Arrivals

Nematobrycon larcotei Rainbow Emperor tetra  wild caught  1”  $4 each 6/$21  12/$36

Ancistrus dolichopterus L183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco  wild caught 2” $18 each  3/$50  6/$90

Nannochromis sabinae 2”  wild caught  $50/pr

Nannochromis splendens  1 ½”-1 ¾”  wild caught  $60/pr

Bathyaethiops breusheghemi Red capped Moon Tetra 2” wild caught $9 each  6/$50  12/$90

Hemigramopetersius caudalis yellow Congo tetra 1 ¼”+  wild caught  $9 each  6/$50  12/$90

Barbus hulstaerti African Butterfly Barb 1” wild caught  $15 each 6/$80  12/$150


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New Arrivals

Tank Raised East African Cichlids in stock and ready to go:

Copadichromis white top 4”+ $100/trio
OB peacock 4 ½”+ $65/male $90/pr
Lemon Jake Peacock (mamela) 3” $25/male $40/pr 6/$100
Red Empress males 5” $65 each
electric blue ahli 2”+ $10/male $8/unsexable
N. venustus 3-4″ $25 (1 available)
L. fuelleborni ob/ob 2” $8
Labidochromis sp. yellow top mbamba 3” $15/male $25/pr 6/$65
P. demasoni 1 ¾” $10each 6/$50
Synodontis multipuntatus F1 2 ½” $20 each 3+ $18 each 6+ $16 each
Gnathochromis permaxillaris F1 2 ½” $50 each 6/$275
Eretmodus sp. Kasange 1 ½” $15 each 6/$80
Copadichromis geertsii F1 3” $18 each 6/$90
Copadichromis fireline mloto 4” $30/male $50/pr 6/$120
Juli regani Kipilli 2 ½” $15 6/$75

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I blew up my content!  I’ll get things set back up over the next week after I get back from speaking in Ohio (  Sorry!

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