Tank Raised Fish

Just a few things to add to the list  (all tank raised):

Hyphessobrycon amapaensis  1″ $9 each 8+ $8 each

Nanacara anomala  1″-1 1/2″ $10 each 6+ $9 each

Ivanacara adoketa 1 1/2″ $30 each 6+ $25 each

Apisto. cacatuoides double/triple red 1 1/2″-2″ (bigger size this time) $40/trio

Peru shipment (LOTS of dwarf cichlids and a few tetras) arrives next week

Latest Arrivals

Hyphessobrycon eylios3/4″-1″WC$45 each
Megalamphodus sp. Pantanaldwarf phantom tetra3/4″-1″WC$22 each8+ $20 each
Apistogramma borelli Pantanal3/4″-1″WC$35/pr
Apistogramma atahualpaSunset Apisto1″-2″WC$35/pr
Dicrosus foirniNio Negro checkerboard1″WC$65 each6+ $60 each
Crenicichla sp. “Orinocco Dwarf”Orinoco Dwarf Pike2″WC$40/pr
Hypancistrus inspector L102TRUE Brazilian inspector3″WC$60 each4/$200
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183Starry Night Bristlenose2″WC$20 each8+ $18 each
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183Starry Night Bristlenose3 1/2″+WC$45 each6+ $40 each
Corydoras concolortwo color Cory3/4″-1″WC$10 each6+ $8 each
Limbochromis robertsiGold Lyretail Cichlid2 1/2″WC$125/pr
Steatocrannus tinanti slender buffalohead2″WC$15 each6+ $12 each
Tilapia discolor3″-3 1/2″WC$60 each
Garra congoensisCongo Log Sucker 2″WC$12 each6+ $10 each
Epiplatys scheljhuzkoi2″WC$40/pr

Winter Shipping Information

Door to door shipping (USPS, etc.) is all but done for the season. I’ve found that if the temps will be below 20 degrees (and they usually are at least at night through February around here) that door to door shipping just isn’t safe. Usually things don’t warm up enough until March for me to be able to offer door to door shipping again with the possible exception of a warm enough window that normally happens in January or February.

That said, as weather allows, I can still offer air cargo shipping on Southwest airlines for much of the winter.

So why order from aquaticclarity.com?

15+ years of shipping fish
35+ years in the hobby
25+ years in the industry
Proper ID’s are a passion
No Turn and Burn, I strive to send out healthy properly quarantined fish
Live Arrival Guarantee with a refund or replacement for DOAs
I’m a fellow hobbiest treating you like I want to be treated.
I got into this because I was frustrated by the limited selection, poor quality, and improper ID and sexing of fish.
Styrofoam shipping boxes WITH heat packs (when needed).

Contact Reminder

Just a reminder that YOU are the only one that can see the comments you post on this web site.  I can’t even see them unless I’m at my desk top computer and logged into the admin side of things which does not happen daily. So PLEASE send you questions and orders to me at:

aquaticclarity @ hotmail.com

Fish Handling Advice

I would highly recommend you don’t drip acclimate. As the fish release waste (ammonia) in the water the pH also drops. That is good as ammonia becomes less toxic the lower the pH. But as you drip acclimate the pH rises and the ammonia becomes more and more toxic. Just allow the bags to warm or cool as needed and then open the bags, pull the fish out (or pour them into a net) tossing the toxic shipping water, and get the fish into the tank/clean water ASAP. Scarry, I know. But that is how I handle all of my fish. MUCH better results this way.