New Fish and Shipping

I just updated my in-stock list so please take a look.

Current Fish List

The shipping window for USPS Express (to your door shipping) is quickly closing!  Temps here in Wisconsin have been in the low teens at night the past several days, to cold to safely ship.  The good news is it looks like the next several days (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) will be much warmer here so I’ve set aside some time Thursday to get as many orders as I can sent out.  If you want to be included in tomorrow’s ship out please get your order to me TONIGHT (11-14-18).  I’m hopeful there will be another shipping window in the next 2 weeks but who knows!  And after the first week of December I won’t ship door to door again until next year.  Southwest airlines air cargo shipping will remain an option for shipping though other then when extremely cold temperatures set in.

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