This Week’s Arrivals

Hemmigrammus bleheri rummy nose tetra WC 1″ $4 each 8+ $3.75 each 15+ $3.50 each
Paracheirodon axelrodi cardinal tetra WC 3/4″ $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each
Trochilocarax ornatus ornate glass tetra WC 1/2″ $12 each 6+ $10 each
Thoracocharax securis giant silver hatchet fish WC 1 1/2″ $6 each 8+ $5 each
Carnegiella strigata marble hatchet fish WC 1″ $5 each 8+ $4 each
Nannostomus marginatus Brazil dwarf pencil fish WC 3/4″+ $4 each 8+ $3.50 each
Nannostomus mortenthaleri coral red pencil fish WC 3/4″+ $17 each 6+ $16 each
Nannostomus trifasciatus 3 striped pencil fish WC 1″+ $4 each 8+ $3.50 each
Brittanichthys sp. Candle Light WC 3/4″ $12 each 6+ $10 each
Protocherirodon pi Crystal Tetra WC 1″+ $15 each 6+ $12 each
Laetacara sp. Guajara Mirim WC 2″ average $18 each 6+ $16 each
Pterophyllum leopoldi long nose angelfish WC 2″+ body $30 each 6+ $25 each
Ancistrus ranunculus L034 Medusa Bristlenose pleco WC 2 1/2″ $50 each 6+ $40 each
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183 starry night bristlenose pleco WC 2 1/2″+ $30 each 6+ $27 each
Corydoras schwartzi WC 1 3/4″ $8 each 6+ $7 each
Corydoras cf. schwarzi CW028 super schwartzi WC 2″+ $40 each 6+ $35 each
Corydoras cf. kanei WC 3/4″-1″ $8 each 6+ $7 each
Hemichromis fasciatus 5 spot jewel cichlid WC 1 1/2″ $18 each 6+ $15 each
Anomalochromis thomisi “Guinea” African butterfly jewel WC 2″ $12 each 6+ $10 each
Ctenopoma fasciolatum Blue Bush Fish WC 2 1/2″+ $20 each 6+ $18 each
Pseudoepiplatys annulatus clown/rocket tail killi WC 1/2″-3/4″ $4 each 8+ $3.75 each 15+ $3.50 each

MAS Swap

Who’s headed to the Milwaukee Aquarium Society swap meet this Sunday?
I’ll be there with four plus table this time and HUGE selection of drygoods (heaters, glass tops, Malaysian driftwood, Manzanita Branch, Spider Wood, lights, tanks, stands, filter cartridges, water conditioner,and some miscellaneous new and used supplies). My time on Friday and Saturday to pack out is very limited because I’m speaking for both the Milwaukee club and the Madison club for their monthly meetings so I’m not sure what fish I’ll have for sale off the tables. I am taking preorders for fish but I need your order by Friday night so I can plan accordingly for packing. Please check out my available fish list and if there are some fish you want send me an email through my web site and be sure to mention you are looking for swap delivery on Sunday.

Thank You!

A BIG thank you to everyone who made it out to my last open house event. Despite the snow and ice the turn out was great. I hope you enjoyed your time here, I know I had a great time talking fish with lots of people.

Now I have a question for you. How often would you like to see me have an open house event? I realize that there is more interest in the colder months then in the warmer ones (we still get those here right?). But how frequently would you set aside the time to come by, talk fish, have a snack and a beverage, and pick up a few supplies and fish?