Tank Raised Goby Cichlids!

Eretmodus cyanostictus Congo
Congo Goby Cichlid from Lake Tanganyika
F1 (offspring from wild caught parents)
2″-2 1/2″+ $30 each

The goby cichlids of Lake Tanganyika are among my favorite fish from the lake. Depending on the exact species (something that is often hard to determine) and the specific population these pair bonding mouth brooders can be bi-parental carriers of the eggs and fry or sometimes just maternal. Intra-specific aggression can be high with these small hoppers as they are used to defending the algae beds they graze in but I’ve had 3-4 pair happily live and spawn in a 75 gallon tank decorated with sand and rock along side some shell dwellers and a large group of Tropheus.