Winter Shipping Update

Temps here, especially at night, are getting near the teens. Tough shipping, especially for those of you that fall into the 2 days of transit even with Express Service. . Because of that and the proximity to Christmas and all of the extra packages being shipped I AM NOT offering any guarantees with shipping. That said, I’m taking every possible step I can to pack the fish so they can make their trips safely. It would also help to have Express packages sent “hold for pick up” at a USPS brnach near you. That can save the fish a few hours on a cold truck going out for delivery and the possibility of having them sit on your door step in the cold.

If you live in an area that Southwest airlines flies into I would strongly encourage you to consider haing your fish sent that way. Yes, it means having to go to air cargo to pick up your box but I can get the fish to you in about 24 hours and in some cases even closer to 12 hours! And the fish don’t send any any extra time bouncing around on a delivery truck out in the cold. Prices for shipping air cargo for most boxes run in the $50-60 range.