Open House Dates

Coming soon, open house dates.

Weekend of August 16-17
Friday night by appointment
Saturday 10-4

Sunday September 15 the weekend of Cataclysm. Time to be announced. Open to any and everyone as always but specifically times for those in town for Cataclysm to stop by.

906 Middle Ridge Dr.

Hubertus, WI 53033

And as always, dates/times are available by appointment.

Special Order Pricing

This is a list of fish that I can add to my order that is coming in this week but I need to get everything finalized and submitted by Tuesday morning so act fast! Prices are slightly lower or are at the volume price break (but without a minimum order #) as a Thank You for placing your order ahead of time.

All of the fish listed below are WILD CAUGHT

Astronotus crassipinnis sm $45 each
Retroculus lapidifer lg $75 each
Heros cf.efasciatus Blue Severum 1″ $15 each
Heros sp. “San Felipe” Curare Tiger Severum” 4-5″ $120 each
Hoplarchus psittacus 6-8″ $95 each
Caquetaia umbriferum Wild Umbee Cichlid 5-7″ $110 each
Satanoperca daemon 3.5-4″ $20 each
Geophagus abalios 3.5″ $15 each
Pterophyllum altum nickle $50 each
Crenicichla lenticulata 7-9″ $145 each
Crenicichla cf. lugubris “Atapabo” Red Pike cichlid 7-9″ $150 each
Symphysodon aequifasciata “Oriximina” Royal Red Discus xlg $175 each
Uaru fernandezyepezi Panda Uaru 3.5″ $95 each
Osteoglossum bichirrhosum 4.5-5″ $50 each
Osteoglossum ferrerai 3.5-4″ $125 each
Acanthodoras spinosissimus Talking Catfish med $8 each
Platystacus cotylephorus med $50 each
Dianema urostriatum===nice!! Flagtail Porthole Catfish lg/xlg $15 each
Dianema longibarbis Porthole Catfish lg $10 each
Liosomadoras oncinus True Jaguar Catfish 3″ $60 each
Liosomadoras oncinus 4″ $70 each
Apteronotus bonapartii lg $200 each
Apteronotus albifons 3-5″ $20 each
Centromochlus schultzi Black spotted driftwood cat 1.5″ $25 each
Cephalosilurus apurensis Jelly Catfish 6-7″ $125 each
Entomocorus radiosus 3″ $25 each
Pseudoras niger Black Turushiqui Catfish 5-7″ $75 each
Megalodoras irwinei Armored Catfish med $50 each
Merodontotus tigrinus Zebra Catfish 5-6″ $200 each
Brachyplatystoma cf. juruensis Flash Zebra Catfish 10-12″ $300 each
Monochirrus polyacanthus South American Leaf fish med/lg $25 each
Corydoras robustus xlg $40 each
Corydoras caudimaculatus lg/xlg $25 each
Corydoras pastazensis med/Lg $30 each
Scleromystax macropterus lg $40 each
Corydoras cf. narcissus lg/xlg $40 each
Corydoras guapore lg $30 each

Ctenopoma petherici 3″ $9 ea
Microctenopoma fasciolatum(med)Blue banded Bushfish 1.5″ $10 ea
Microctenopoma fasciolatum(lg) 2.5-3″ $15 ea
Polypterus palmas polli(lg) 7-9” $45 ea
Polypterus palmas buettikoferi “Gold dust” 4-5″ $35 ea
Polypterus palmas buettikoferi 6-7″ $40 ea
Polypterus palmas buettikoferi 10-12” $55 ea
Polypterus palmas palmas(lg)—beautiful fish! 7-8″ $55 ea
Polypterus palmas palmas(xlg) 9-12″ $75 ea
Polypterus weeksii(lg/xlg) 7-9″ $65 ea
Polypterus weeksii(xxlg) 10-12″ $75 ea
Polypterus mokelembembe (formerly retropinnis) 4-6″ $80 ea
Polypterus mokelembembe 7-9″ $100 ea
Polypterus retropinnis 4-5”, $40 ea
Polypterus retropinnis (formerly Sp.”Zaire Green) 6-9″ $55 ea
Polypterus bichir Koloton 10-12″ $150 ea
Polypterus bichir lapradei “Faranah Guinea” 10-12” $150 ea
Polypterus endlicheri congicus 7-9” $100 ea
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri “Guinea” 7-9″ $95 ea
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri “Guinea” 10-12″ $125 ea
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri “Guinea” 13-15” $170 ea
Polypterus ansorgii 8-10” $150 ea
Polypterus ansorgii 10-12” $170 ea
Protopterus aethiopicus 5-7” $75 ea
Protopterus aethiopicus Marbled Lungfish 8-10” $100 ea
Protopterus dolloi 5-7″ $85 ea
Protopterus dolloi 8-12″ $100 ea
Tetraodon schoutedeni 2-3” $175 ea
Tetraodon schoutedeni 3-4” $225 ea
Tetraodon mbu(med) 3.5-4″ $175 ea
Tetraodon miurus Orange 2-2.5” $65 ea
Garra congoensis Congo Logsucker 2-3” $12 ea great beard algae eater*
Aethiomastacembelus liberiensis 7-9” $30 ea
Aethiomastacembelus liberiensis 9-11″ $40 ea
Aethiomastacembelus liberiensis 12-13” $60 ea
Dormitator cf.lebretonis “Sleeper Goby” 2-3” $8 ea
Scatophagus tetracanthus “African Tiger Scat” 0.75-1” $125 ea
Distichodus sexfasciatus(med) $40 ea
Distichodus teugelsi(med) Dwarf Green Distichodus 1.5-2″ $40 ea
Distichodus decemaculatus Spotted Dwarf Green Distichodus 2” $40 ea
Distichodus sp. Red and Black 2-3″ $55 ea
Distichodus sp. Red and Black 3-4” $65 ea
Microsynodontis sp.1 Dwarf Bumble bee Synodontis 0.75-1″ $8 ea
Synodontis angelicus 1-1.5″ $40 ea
Synodontis angelicus 2-3″ $50 ea
Synodontis angelicus 3.5-4″ $65 ea
Synodontis pardalis 7-8” $145 ea
Synodontis cf. koensis 1” $10 ea
Synodontis notatus(med) 3″ $25 ea
Synodontis smithi Scissors tail Syno 4-5″ $25 ea
Synodontis nigriventris True Upside-down Synodontis 1-1.5″ $6 ea
Synodontis ocellifer 2-3” $10 ea
Synodontis brichardii(med) Brichard’s Syno 4” $35 ea
Synodontis brichardii(lg/xlg) 5″ $50 ea
Brachysynodontis batensoda Giant Upside-down Catfish 2-2.5″ $15 ea
Brachysynodontis batensoda 3.5” $20 ea
Paraucehnoglanis cf. ansorgii Dwarf Giraffe Catfish 3” $15 ea
Synodontis orientalis 3-4” $40 ea
Auchenoglanis occidentalis 3-4″ $25 ea
Auchenoglanis occidentalis 5-7″ $35

What’s New at Aquaticclarity?

The following tank raised fish came in this past week:
Electric Blue Rams 1 1/2″ $15 each
Gold Rams 1 1/2″ $12 each
German Blue Rams 1 1/2″ $12 each
Synodontis multipunctatus cats F1 2″ $18 each 6+ $15 each
Zebra Plecos (L46) 1 1/2″ $150 each

New Arrivals

Hyphessobrycon sp. Red Cherry 1/2″-3/4″+ WC $40 each
Nematobrycon palmeri Blue eye Emperor tetra 3/4″-1″ WC $4 each 8+ $3.50 each
Axelrodia reisei Ruby red tetra 1/2″ WC $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each
Copella nattereri Red spotted splash tetra 1″-1 1/2″ WC $5 each 8+ $4.50 each 15+ $4 each
Apistogramma elizabethae 1 1/4″+ WC $40 each (I’ll do my best to pull pairs if you just want 2)
Dicrosus maculatus 1 1/2″-1 3/4″+ WC $75/pr
Dicrosus cf. filamentosum 1 1/2″ WC $12 each 6+ $10 each
Crenicichla sp. Orinoco dwarf pike 2″-3″ WC $65/pr Nice red margined ocelli on the females
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183 starry night bristlenose pleco 3 1/2″+ WC Males: $40 each Females $50 each
Corydoras tukano WC $35 each HUGE price drop from $120 in 2018!!!
Corydoras schwartzi WC $8 each 6+ $7.50 each
Hemigrammaus arua WC $35 each
Hyphessobrycon elios WC $40 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. Plumbum WC $25 each
Steatocrannus tinanti slender buffalohead 2″+ WC $12 each 6+ $10 each
Phenacogrammus sp.”Fantastique”                     1 1/2″ WC $35 each 6+ $30 each
Phenacogrammus aurantiacus Blue eyed Congo tetra 1 1/2″ WC $35 each 6+ $30 each
Nanopetersius lamberti Blue Congo Tetra 2 1/2″-3″ WC $40 each 6+ $35 each
Hemigrammopetersius caudalis Yellow tailed Congo Tetra 2 1/2″+ WC $9 each 6+ $8 each
Barbus hulstaerti       Yellow finned Butterfly Barb 3/4″ WC $15 each 6+ $13 each
Aplochelichthys luxopthalmus Green lampeyed Killie 1″ WC $4 each 8+ $3.50 each
Hylopanchanax stictopleuron         1″ WC $100/pr 3pr/$250 and I’ll include a 4th female with a bent spine

Trigonostigma espei Red Harlequin Rasbora 3/4″-1″ WC $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each
Boraras naevus 1/2″-3/4″ WC $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each
Boraras urophthalmoides exclamation mark rasbora 1/2″-3/4″ WC $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each
Boraras maculata spotted rasbora 1/2″-3/4″ WC $3 each 8+ $2.75 each 15+ $2.50 each

Stock List

I FINALLY updated my stock list. The next step will be to add more pictures especially of the Apistogramma and odd ball tetras. I’m sure I’ll find a few fish I missed listing and maybe a fish or two that sold out that I didn’t pull off the list but on he whole it’s darn close to correct.

Thank You!

A BIG thank you to everyone who made it out to my last open house event. Despite the snow and ice the turn out was great. I hope you enjoyed your time here, I know I had a great time talking fish with lots of people.

Now I have a question for you. How often would you like to see me have an open house event? I realize that there is more interest in the colder months then in the warmer ones (we still get those here right?). But how frequently would you set aside the time to come by, talk fish, have a snack and a beverage, and pick up a few supplies and fish?

Door to Door Shipping!

We’re having a heat wave here!  So it looks like I’ll be able to ship USPS Express packages out on MOnday January 7th.  I’ll need your orders by Sunday night so I can fish prepped to ship Monday morning and out the door in the afternoon.

And I’ll be updating my stock list no later then Saturday 1-5-19.  LOTS of nice fish in that aren’t listed yet.

Phenacogrammus sp.”Fantastique”  

I didn’t understand the hype over this fish.  The fancy name caught my attention but it struck me as just another name game to sell an average African tetra.  But, as often happens, I ordered a few so I could see for myself.  WOW!  That’s all I can say.  After a week in a so so decorated tank these fish are a knock out.  And they are maybe 1/2 grown so they should only get better!  I’ll have to order more of them so I can get a few in my West African display tank.  These guys are worth every penny!  I only have a few on hand.

Heiko Tetra!!!!

Moenkhausia heikoi, another incredible “new” tetra to be recently discovered.  Obviously the picture below is from the great German importer Aquarium Glaser and not my image.  I have posted a short video of the actual fish that I brought in on my facebook page and my instagram account.  They are currently in a bare bottom tank and look good.  I can’t wait to pull a few out and get them into a decorated tank and see what they really look like!

Don’t miss out on getting a few yourself.  I don’t think these will stay here long and I have no idea if any more will come into the US any time soon.