In Stock Fish List

updated 4-13-2024
-sizes listed are an average and I try to be as exact as I can but the fish may be slightly larger or smaller then listed
-a pair is one male and one female; a trio is one male and two females; a reverse trio is two males and one female
WC =Wild Caught
F1=offspring from wild caught parents
TR=Tank Raised
I do my best to assure that I get things right when sexing fish (pairs, trios, etc.)
but I can’t guarantee I will always get it right
Prices are listed to the far right of each line
South American Cichlids
Apistogramma agassizii “Double Red”TRCzech1 3/4″$50/trio
Apistogramma agassizii “Fire Red”TRCzech1 3/4″$50/trio
Apistogramma atahualpasunset ApistoWCPeru1 1/2″$40/trio
Apistogramma borellii PantanalTRCzech1 1/2″$40/pr
Apistogramma cacatuoides “Double Red”TRCzech1 1/2″+$35/pr
Apistogramma cacatuoides Rio PurusWCBrazil1 1/2″$60/pr
Apistogramma elizabethae RedTRCzech1 3/4″+$100/pr
Apistogramma elizabethae Sao Gabriel da CachoeiraTRCzech1 3/4″$85/pr
Apistogramma cf. eunotus SchwanzstreifenItaya RiverWCPeru1 1/2″-2″+$45/pr
Apistogramma hongsloi RedTRCzech1 3/4″$50/pr
Apistogramma lineataWCColombia1 1/2″-1 3/4″$75/pr
Apistogramma cf. piaroa A165WCColombia1 1/2″-1 3/4″$100/pr
Apistogramma cf. piaroa A165WCColombia1 1/2″-1 3/4″$40/each MALES
Apistogramma macmasteri “Red Shoulder”TRCzech1 1/2″++$45/pr
Apistogramma mendeziRed and Blue form-VERY colorfulWCBrazil1 1/2″+$30 each (males only)
Apistogramma ortegaiaka sp. Pebas, sp. Morado, sp. Dolly, sp. AlgodonWCPeru1 1/2″$50/trio
Apistogramma pandurosky blue ApistoCzech1 1/2″$35/pr
Apistogramma pandurosky blue ApistoWCPeru1 1/2″$35/pr
Apistogramma personataWCColombia1 1/2″-2″$85/pr
Apistogramma trifasciataTRCzech1 1/4″+$60/trio
Apistogramma uaupesiWCBrazil1 1/4″$45 each
Apistogramma sp. D12Pac Man ApistoWCColombia1 1.4″-1 1/2″$30 each (males only)
Apistogramma sp. WinkelfleckWCPeru1 1/2″-1 3/4″+$65/pr
Crenicichla compressicepsWC2 1/2″$35 each6+ $32 each
Geophagus winemilleriWCColombia5-6″+$85 each
Geophagus winemilleriWCColombia3-5″$75 each
Ivanacara adoketaWCBrazil2″-3″$65 each (unsexed)
Laetacara thayeriWC2″3/$45
Mikrogeophagus rameriziblue ram (wild caught)WCColombia1 1/4″+$9 each8+ $8 each
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi “Neon Blue”Neon Blue RamTRCzech1 3/4″-2″$50/pr
Nannacara anomalaGolden Dwarf CichlidTRCzech1 1/4″+$25/pr
Teleocichla sp. (cinderella?)WC2″$60 each
Angel Fish, Discus, and Uaru
Pterophyllum altum San FelipeRio Negro altum angelWCColombia1/2-$1 body size$150 each4/$500
Pterophyllum scalare “Koi”Indo1/2 dollar body size+$15 each
West African Cichlids
Anomalochromis thomasi GuineaAfrican Butterfly CichlidWCGuinea1″$15 each
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis NdongaWCCameroon2″-3″$35 each
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis IdenauWCCameroon3″$30 each
Benitochromis riomuniensis BidouWCCameroon2″-3″+$45 each
Benitochromis riomuniensis DehaneWCCameroon1 1/4″-1 1/2″$30 each
Enigmatochromis lucanusiBlue Fin KribWCGuinea2-2 1/2″$45/pr
Hemichromis elongatusFive Star General JewelWCNigeria2″-3″$18 each6+ $15 each
Nanochromis parilusWC2″$40/pr
Nanochromis transvestitusTR1 1/2″$65/pr
Nannochromis splendensWC1 1/2″$60/pr
Pelvicachromis drachenfelsiformerly P. taeniatus WouriWC Cameroon2″$50/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis DehaneWCCameroon1 1/2″-2″$70/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis DjanjeWCCameroon1 1/4″+$70/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis KienkeWCCameroon1 1/2″-2$60/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis LokunjeWCCameroon1 1/2″-2″$60/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis MakoureWC Cameroon2″-2 1/2″$25 each (males only)
Pelvicachromis kribensis MoliweWC Cameroon2″-2 1/2″$55/pr
Pelvicachromis kribensis PolongweNew Collection LocationWC Cameroon2″-2 1/2″$60/pr
Pelvicachromis cf. pulcher NdongaNdonga Giant KribWCCameroon1 1/2″-2″+$75/pr
Pelvicachromis roloffi Kolente WCGuinea1″-2″$20 each
Pelvicahromis sacrimontisGiant KribWC1 3/4″-2″+$18 each
Pelvicachromis subocellatus MatadiTRCzech1 3/4″-2″$45/pr
Steatocrannus cassuarius               Buffalohead CichlidWC1 3/4″$15 each
Steatocranus tinantiSlender BuffaloheadWC1 1/2″-2″+$50/pr
South American Tetras
Axelrodia rieseiRuby TetraWC1/2″-3/4″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Bryconella sp. Green LineGreen Line TetraWC1 1/4″+$18 each8+ $15 each
Hemigrammus rhodostomusRummy Nose TetraWCColombia1 1/2″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Hemigrammus sp. Orange line “Arua”WCBrazil1 1/2″-2″$30 each8+ $25 each
Hyphessobrycon amapaensisred line amapa tetraCzech1″$10 each8+ $9 each
Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia “blue”WC1 1/2″$25 each8+ $22 each
Hyphessobrycon amandae     Ember TetraIndo3/4″-1″$3.50 each8+ $3 each
Hyphessobrycon cf. equeswild caught serpae tetra type from PantanalWC1 1/2″+$30 each8+ $27 each
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigmableeding heart tetraWC1 1/2″$7 each8+ $6 each
Hyphessobrycon guyanenseWC1″$25 each8+ $20 each
Hyphessobrycon haraldschultzicrystal red tetraWC3/4″+$25 each8+ $22
Hyphessobrycon heliacusWC3/4″$30 each6+ $25 each
Hyphessobrycon infernalis SantaremWC1 1/4″$40 each8+ $37 each
Hyphessobrycon metaeWCColombia3/4″-1″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Hyphessobrycon micropterus BahiaWC1 1/4″$12 each8+ $10 each
Hyphessobrycon moniligerWC1″-1 1/2″$20 each8+ $18 each
Hyphessobrycon montagiWC1″-1 1/2″$22 each8+ $20 each
Hyphessobrycon myrmexWC1″$45each8+ $40 each
Hyphessobrycon negodaguaWC1″+$25 each
Hyphessobrycon parvellusWC1″$25 each8+ $20 each
Hyphessobrycon peugeoti Mato GrossoWC1 1/4″-1 1/2″$50 each6+ $45 each
Hyphessobrycon procyonWC1 1/2″$50 each6+ $45 each
Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonatusFlameback Bleeding Heart TetraWC1 1/2″$10 each8+ $9 each
Hyphessobrycons roseus    Red Tail Yellow Pantom TetraIndo1″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. Blue and BlackWC3/4″-1″$25 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. Cherry RedWC1″$42 each6+ $38 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. CristalinoWCBrazil1″+$65 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. “new red ceara”WC1″$18 each8+ $15 each
Hyphessobrycon sp. RasberryWC3/4″$18 each8+ $15 each
Hyphessobrycon (?) sp. ColombiaWCColombia1 1/2″$12 each8+ $10 each
Hyphessobrycon sweglessi       Red Phantom TetraWC3/4″$4 each8+ $3.75 each
Inpaichthys sp. Super Red Eye KerriWC1 1/4″+$45 each8+ $40 each
Inpaichthys sp SCRATCHED Mato GrossoWC3/4″-1″$85 each6+ $80 each
Knodus borkiPeru Blue TetraWC1 1/4″-1 1/2″$5 each
Moenkhausia heikoiWC1 1/2″$50 each
Moenkhausia kogal “gold”WC1 3/4″+$22 each8+ $20 each
Moenkhausia kogal YELLOW Mato GrossoWC1 1/2″-1 3/4″$25 each8+ $22 each
Moenkhausia petymbuabaWCBrazil1 1/2″-2″$35 each8+ $30 each
Moenkhausia pitteriDiamond TetraWC1 3/4″+$10 each8+ $9 each
Moenkhausia plumbeaWCBrazil1 1/2″-2″$35 each8+ $30 each
Moenkhausia rubraWC1 1/2″$30 each8+ $28 each
Nannostomus beckfordiGolden Pencil FishIndo1 1/2″$4 each8+ $3.50 each
Nannostomus beckfordi RedRed Pencil FishIndo1 1/4″+$6 each8+ $5.50 each
Nannostomus beckfordi “super red”Czech1 3/4″$12 each8+ $10 each
Nannostomus marginatusdwarf pencil fishWC1″$6 each8+ $5.50 each
Nannostomus mortenthalericoral red pencil fishWC1″$15 each8+ $12 each
Nannostomus rubrocaudalispurple pencil fishWC1″$18 each8+ $15 each
Nannostomus unifasciatusone line pencil fishWC 1 1/2″$6 each8+ $5.50 each
Nannostomus sp. Cenepasnew red pencilfishWCPeru1 1/2″$50 each
Nannostomus sp. Cenepasnew red pencilfishWCPeru1″$35 each6+ $32 each
Nematobrycon lacortiRainbow Emperor TetraWC1 1/2″$7 each8+ $6 each
Nematobrycon palmeriEmperor TetraWC1 1/2″$6 each8+ $5 each
Odonthocharacidium aphanesGreen dwarf TetraWC1/2″ +/-$15 each
Paracheirodon axelrodi Brazilcardinal tetraWC1 1/4″+$3.75 each12+ $3.50 each
Paracheirodon innesiNeon TetraWC1/2″-3/4″$3 each8+ $2.75 each
Paracheirodon similinsGreen Neon TetraWC3/4″+$3 each8+ $2.75 each
Protocheirodon piMountain Crystal TetraWC1″+$12 each8+ $10 each
Pyrrhulina brevisSplash TetraWC2 1/2″-3″+$10 each8+ $8 each
Thayeria sp. RedfinRed Tailed Penguin TetraWC1″-1 1/4″$70 each6+ $65 each
West African and Far East Barbs and Tetras and Blue Eye Rainbows
Alestopetersius caudalisYellow Tail Congo TetraIndo1 1/2″$15 each6+ $12 each
Alestopetersius hilgendorfiWC1 1/2″$55 each6+ $50 each
Alestopetersius sp. LukeniYellow and BlackWC3″+$40 each6+ $35each
Alestopetersius cf. nigropterus Orange FlashWC2 1/2″+$40 each6+ $35 each
Barbus jaeJae BarbsWCCameroon3/4″-1″$15 each6+ $13 each
Boraras maculataspotted dwarf rasboraWC1/2″-3/4″$4 each8+ $3.75 each
Boraras naevusStrawberry RasboraWC1/2″-3/4″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Danio chopraeGlowlight DanioCzech1″$8 each8+ $7 each
Danio margaritatusGalaxy RasboraWC3/4″+$8 each8+ $7 each
Desmopuntius pentazonaFive-Banded BarbTRCzech1 1/4″$8 each8+ $7 each
Ladigesia roloffiJelly Bean TetraWC1″-1 1/2″$7 each8+$6.50 each
Lepidarchus adonisAdonis TetraWC3/4″+$7 each8+$6.50 each
Neolabias powelliRare nano tetraWC3/4″$20 each6+ $18 each
Rasbora patrickyapiRare medium sized RasboraWC2″-2 1/2″+$20 each6+ $18 each
Tanichthys albonubes longfinLongfin White Cloud Mountain MinnowTRCzech1 1/4″$8 each8+ $7 each
Trigonostigma espeiRed Harlequin RasboraWC1″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Killi Fish
Aphyosemion dargeiWC1 1/4″$60/pr
Aphyosemion exiguum “Otoo Essia”WC1 1/4″$35/pr
Aphyosemion koungouenseWC1 1/4″$35/pr
Aplochelichthys cf. stigmatopygus “Fifinda”WCCameroon1″$10 each8+ $8 each
Aplochelichthys stigmatopygus “Ndonga”WCCameroon1″$12 each8+ $10 each
Epiplatys dageti monroviaeTRCzech1 3/4″-2″$20/pr
Epiplatys infrafasciatus “Dehane”WC1 1/2″-2″$50/pr
Epiplatys lamotteiWCGuinea1 3/4″$60/pr
Fundulopanchax gardneri mamfensis “Okoyong”WC$60/pr
Fundulopanchax mirabile traudeae “Nguti”WCCameroon1 1/4″+$45/pr
Procatopus nototaenia “Kopongo”WC1″+/-$17 each8+ $15 each
Pseudoepiplatys annulatusclown/rocktail killiIndo1/2″$4 each10+ $3.50 each
Pseudoepiplatys annulatusclown/rocktail killiWCGuinea1/2″-3/4″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Rhexipanchax nimbaensisWCGuinea1″$15 each6+ $12 each
Scriptaphyosemion cauvetiWCGuinea1 3/4″$50/pr
Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras
Corydoras aeneus “Orange Lazer”WC1 1/4″$25 each8+ $22 each
Corydoras equeshorsemen Cory catWC1 1/2″$38 each8+ $32 each
Corydoras habrosusdwarf salt and pepper catWC3/4″-1″$6 each8+ $5 each
Corydoras pandaWILD CAUGHT PANDA CORYSWCPeru1 1/2″$15 each8+ $12 each
Corydoras pygmaeuspygmy catfishWCPeru1/2″-3/4″$5 each8+ $4.50 each
Corydoras schwartziWC1″+$8 each8+ $7 each
Plecostomus and Other Catfish
Ancistrus claro LDA08Gold marble BristlenoseWC1 1/4″-1 3/4″$50 each
Ancistrus dolichopterus L183starry night bristlenoseWC2 1/2″$35 each6+ $30 each
Garra ornatusWest African algae eating gobyWCCongo1 3/4″+$15 each
Hypancistrus sp.  Monte Dourado L411TR1 1/2″$30 each6+ $25 each
Hypancistrus sp.  Tiger King L066TR1 1/4″+$30 each6+ $25 each
Hypancistrus sp.  Tiger King L066TR2″$40 each
Leporacanthicus heterodonGolden Vampire PlecoWC3 1/2″$85 each
Microsynodontis cf. christyiDwarf Synodontis catfishWC1 1/4″+$20 each6+ $18 each
Otocinclus vestitusCommon OtocinclusWCPeru1″+$4 each8+ $3.50 each
Paraotocinclus haroldiGold Spot Black OtoWCBrazil1″$30 each
Peckoltia compacta L134Leapord Frog PlecoWC2″$85 each4+ $75 each
Betta splendens marble geneWI TR1 1/2″$15 each (males)
Betta splendens marble geneWI TR1 1/2″$15 each (females)
Chlamydogobius eremiusDesert GobyCzech1 1/2″+$18 each
Dario darioScarlet BadisWC1/2″$9 each6+ $7.50 each
Enneacampus ansorgiTrue FRESH WATER pipe fishWCCameroon2″-3″$45 each
Enneacanthus chaetodonBlack Banded SunfishTRCzech1″-1 1/2″$12 each6+ $10 each
Pseudomugil gertrudae ARU IITRCzech1 1/4″$30/pr
Pseudomugil luminatusRed Neon Blue-eyeTRCzech1″$30/pr
Microctenopoma nanumWC1″-1 1/2″+$30 each5+ $28 each
Sewellia lineolataReticulated Hillstream LoachWC1 3/4″+$20 each6+ $18 each