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Pick-up Only (just northwest of Milwaukee, WI)

Aqueon 45 gallon tank
Water Tested-like new


Brand New
Aqueon 75 gallon black trim tank
tank only $95
glass top $40
tank and glass tops $125


10 gallon LED Aquarium Kit
Photoshoot New (set up for 1 day and then cleaned and repacked)

-10 gallon tank
-plastic hood w/LED lights
-Aqueon Quiet Flow filter w/LED
-Aqueon Preset heater
-Aqueon Stand


15 gallon Column Aquarium Ensemble
PhotoShoot New
(set up for 1-2 days and then cleaned and repacked)
-aquarium with top and built in light
-Aqueon Quietflow filter w/LED
-column cabinet stand

2 set-ups available (one with assembled stand and one with packaged stand)
$75 each


New In Box
Aqueon 36 gallon Bow Front Ensemble
-36 gallon bow front black trim aquarium
-36 gallon pine black cabinet stand
-glass top
-36″ Aqueon Opti-Bright LED light w/remote
-Aqueon 150 watt Preset Heater
-Aqueon Quietflow 50 LED Filter


New in Box
Aqueon 55 gallon Deleuxe Set Up
-Aqueon 55 gallon black Trim tank
-Aqueon plastic tops with LED lighting
-Aqueon Quiet Flow Filter
-Aqueon Preset Submersible Heater
-Aqueon Pine Black Cabinet Stand

120 gallon Cherry Ensemble
used but in exceptional condition
-Aqueon 120 reef ready (twin over flow) aquarium (4’x2’x2′)
-overflow plumbing kits/bulkheads
-Aqueon Cherry Finish and Glass Door Tech Stand
-glass tops


Custom 36″x18″ Stand and Canopy
Overbuilt and Lockable Stand and Canopy (excellent condition) $250
Aqueon 65 gallon oak trim tank and glass tops (used condition) $75
Stand, Canopy, tank, and tops $300


Aqueon ProFlex model 3 modular sump
65-110 gallon capacity
New in Box



BioCube 16 LED
new in box

16 gallon complete Coralife Biocube with LED lights capable of growing coral.




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