Sorry for the slow responses and delay in updating the past two shipments that came in.  It’s been a VERY busy past few weeks but things should be leveling out a little shortly.  I’ll try to get things updated Sunday night ahead of next week’s shipment.  If you emailed me and haven’t heard back please send me another email so I don’t miss you as I scroll back and try to contact everyone.



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New Arrivals

Nannostomus marginatus Dwarf Pencilfish Brazil
Nannostomus trifasciatus Three stripped pencilfish`
Otocinclus cf. coccama Zebra Oto
Ancistrus sp. L184 Brillant Bristlenose md/lg
Ancistrus sp. L184 lg
Hypancistrus sp. L260 Queen Arabesque 2.5-3″
Hypancistrus sp. L260 Queen Arabesque 3-4″
Pelvicachromis kribensis “Lower Muyuka” 2.5″
Pelvicachromis kribensis “Lokunje” 2-2.5″
Pelvicachromis kribensis Bipindi
Pelvicachromis drachenfelsi 2-2.5″
Pelvicachromis subocellatus “Moanda”
Paranannochromis longirostris 2-3”
Paranannochromis longirostris 3.5-4”
Alestopetersius smykalai Blue Diamond Tetra
Neolebias trewavase 1-1.5″
Barbus jae Jae Barb

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Shipping Update

More snow!!!

Several more inches of snow are predicted to fall later today and into tomorrow (Thursday) so I’m pushing back shipping yet again.  Sorry!

I think it might be time to start house shopping somewhere a little warmer…

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So why order from

15+ years of shipping fish
35+ years in the hobby
25+ years in the industry
Proper ID’s are a passion
No Turn and Burn, I strive to send out healthy properly quarantined fish
Live Arrival Guarantee with a refund or replacement for DOAs
I’m a fellow hobbiest treating you like I want to be treated.
I got into this because I was frustrated by the limited selection, poor quality, and improper ID and sexing of fish.
Styrofoam shipping boxes WITH heat packs (when needed).

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Moenkhausia sp. Kogal Yellow

New wild caught tetras

average size around 2″

$40 each or 6 or more for $35 each

See the write up in the latest Amazonas Magazine

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Contact Reminder

Just a reminder that YOU are the only one that can see the comments you post on this web site.  I can’t even see them unless I’m at my desk top computer and logged into the admin side of things which does not happen daily. So PLEASE send you questions and orders to me at:

aquaticclarity @

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Apistogramma agassizi Careiro



Apistogramma agassizi Careiro wild caught 1 ½”+ $65/pr

Both yellow and blue males are found in this population.  Pictured is a young yellow type male.

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Don’t forget to like and follow my aquaticclarity facebook page!  It’s often where I post quick turn around time special offers as well as pictures of available fish.

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Apistogramma borellii

Hands down my all time favorite Apistogramma! It was one of the first species that I had spawning success with back in the early 1990’s when you could find wild caught borellii in almost any good independent store (remember those?). What’s not to like? Big fins, lots of color and color variation (a single population can have multiple color patterns in males from all blue, blue and yellow, near yellow, and any of those can have a red face too), and they don’t get huge. Ive kept a trio in a 10 gallon tank and had both females tending to (and stealing each others) fry with the male over seeing the whole ordeal!
Unfortunately as Brazil greatly reduced allowed collecting and exports in the late 1990’s A. borellii along with many other aquarium staples started to disappear in the trade. Czech breeders have offered several selectively bred forms of borellii but the line breeding to isolate specific color traits have left the fish unusually weak, especially males, A very beautifully high yellow form of A. borellii shows up now and again from Uruguay, specifically found at Bella Union, but they are far and few between. (This population does very well in warm if nor down right hot conditions by the way. Their small pockets of water heat up during the day unlike the cool flowing water we often think of for the region.)
But once again Apistogramma borellii are coming out of Brazil! The last few imports I was able to get have come from the Pantanal Region (think giant seasonal river/swamp) between Brazil and Bolivia. THIS is the fish I remember! Small, attractive, and variable in color. Not to mention hardy and pretty easy to breed.
I have a limited number of small unsexed fish available yet. Get your’s before it’s to late, again!

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Fish Handling Advice

I would highly recommend you don’t drip acclimate. As the fish release waste (ammonia) in the water the pH also drops. That is good as ammonia becomes less toxic the lower the pH. But as you drip acclimate the pH rises and the ammonia becomes more and more toxic. Just allow the bags to warm or cool as needed and then open the bags, pull the fish out (or pour them into a net) tossing the toxic shipping water, and get the fish into the tank/clean water ASAP. Scarry, I know. But that is how I handle all of my fish. MUCH better results this way.

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